What we can learn from a ‘Goose in Durbanville’

So, there I was in Durbanville to get my hair “spruced” up by a new hairdresser (hence the ‘Selfie’) when I came across a goose and her flock amid town.

The geese behaved as if they owned the road and were not in the least phased by traffic or any obstacles they faced in getting to where they wanted to go, and they got me thinking…

Although they were completely ‘out of place’, they did not act differently than they would on any other day or in any other environment – they were geese and therefore behaved as geese… totally grounded in their ‘identity.’

When we are grounded in our identity and view the world from a strong core, we can stay focused and true to ourselves no matter what our circumstances.

We are then able to shape our environment… instead of allowing our environment to shape us.
One of the pillars of a strong self-identity is the ability to define and set your boundaries… so that you can be clear on what to say ‘No’ to.

I once heard the following quote,
‘When you don’t stand for anything, you will fall for everything else.’

Become strong by CHOICE 

Conserve your boundaries by taking personal responsibility for protecting them. 

Hold on to the non-negotiables to protect your heart.

Opt out when your core values are being compromised.

Ignore criticism for protecting your boundaries.

Cultivate assertiveness by imagining yourself sticking to your guns and then doing so.

Exempt yourself from the belief that you must explain your boundaries to anyone.

A useful article on how to set and protect your personal boundaries. Click here to read it.

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