Are your company’s expenses exceeding the income or total revenue produced for a given period of time? 

If so, you are confronted with a “NOL” – Net Operating Loss.

The most obvious reason for this? You are not generating adequate sales

The Importance of Sales in an Organisation

  • In any business organisation, sales is the department that generates revenue.
  • No matter how good your manufacturing operation is, how cutting-edge your technology is, how tight your financial goals are or how progressive and forward-thinking your management techniques are, you must still have a sales mechanism in place, or everything else is useless.

Sales Versus Marketing

  • While it is sometimes difficult to draw the line at where the marketing process ends and the sales efforts begin, the sales effort is the effort that actually collects the money -- or the obligation to buy, in the case of a purchase order or financed arrangement. The marketing effort creates favourable conditions for the sale to take place. In a nutshell, the marketer leads the horse to water; the sales team makes it drink.
  • This is all very well if you have a competent sales force … however, often companies need to face up to the fact:
    • that their “money making machine” (sales team) is operating more like a temperamental Jukebox – with a hit only here and there.

REALITY: Sales courses available in the market often are of little or no value. Don’t travel down this road…

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Sales Cure All.
Know how your company will make money and how
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