Have you seen her? … she goes by the name of “SILIEN.”

She is number 1 on the “Most Wanted During November” list and was last spotted there where fatigue had set in.

SILIEN is the alias for RESILIENCE – the greatest sought-after remedy for year-end fatigue when resourcefulness is what is needed most!

Definition of Resilience: “the capacity to recover from difficulties; toughness.”

The latest report on Silien’s cure to burnout and fatigue is that it lies in the 5-petal flowers she is dishing out – each petal representing a special ingredient for building RESILIENCE. Be sure to get one before end November!


Focus on your end goal, allow others to help you and never lose your sense of humour!


Hold on to the belief that even if you fall flat on your face, you can still win the race!


A Positive Attitude is Everything! What we think, is what we feel, is what we say and do…


Be “teachable”, willing to grow and learn from mistakes, and NEVER QUIT!


Don’t worry more about failing than doing what is right.

See challenges as opportunities to grow and make a difference… at the end of all, to can say “I was here”!

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