Are you also having a Ratanga Junction Shut Down?

As many of you may know, Ratanga Junction was an amusement park located in Century City, Cape Town in South Africa. The park opened in December 1998 and was closed May 2018. Its biggest ride was the Cobra rollercoaster.

So, here we are – already one month into the new year and chances are that our ‘emotional landscape’ can be equated to any one, or a mix of, the ‘joy rides’ that could typically be found at Ratanga Junction:

  • The ‘Ferris Wheel’ – ….where things are slowly ticking over, and you are enviously watching everyone else who appear to be so ‘together’ and ‘on-top-of-things’ … causing you to feel inadequate and ‘happy’ to … ‘go for another round on the Wheel’ …in the hope that you will find the inspiration, confidence and energy to also ‘get a grip’ and make a bold next move!
  • The ‘Cobra’ – where you are in ‘master of multi-tasking mode’ – not being able to take a moment’s rest for meaningful engagement or attending to only the most important things!
  • Every-other-ride-in-between – … where you feel scattered in your focus and ability to balance your energy, purpose and input to make for a successful year. You are going up-down, up-down, up-down …

… and, so comes to play the ONE THING that is on the other side of everything you have ever wanted … namely, FEAR.

Fear is a human emotion that is triggered by a perceived threat”, and at the start of a new year, we often become ‘fearful’ due to the perceived threat that we will not be able to ‘pull this year off’ the way we want to …
and we SHUT DOWN to successful, happy living!

Many factors could be at the root of your fear, however, no matter the cause of it – there is one very simple solution to fear…

It is the realisation that Fear’s underlying message is purely a ‘CALL TO ACTION’ …which, in turn, can lead to excitement and courage to take the leap and do what is necessary!

And my call to action for you is to counter your fears and substantially increase your chances of a fulfilling 2019, by

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