A Key on a Dirt Road

When I take my daily walk, I am usually accompanied by a very dear friend of mine. We mostly opt to head out of town onto a dirt road where we will find ourselves surrounded by beautiful landscapes and farming activities.
During our last walk, I noticed a key lying in the road and picked it up. It was full of dust and partially covered by a small piece of rock …I had nearly missed it! … which made me think…

We so often create our own ‘prisons’… our thoughts and hearts are so ‘covered with dust’ and challenged by the ‘rocks’ in our environment that we lose our ability to be resourceful in engaging and enjoying happy living! We literally become imprisoned by our ‘emotional states!’

I think most of us can relate to what Neuro-scientist, Dr Rick Hanson says about the correlation between the brain and our experiences, namely, 

“our brain is like velcro for negative experiences but teflon for positive ones.”
Neuro-Scientist, Dr Rick Hanson

I wanted to refrain from providing you with typical clichés or ‘lip service’ on typically ‘the power of positive thinking’, ‘how to change your negative thoughts into positive ones’, etc. as the fact remains that, … What we CAN DO, is amazing! What we WILL DO, however, is usually disappointing!

Therefore, I share instead this KEY  …
which is a link to a short, practical teaching by American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach, Tony Robbins on ‘How to Break Your Negative Thinking.’…
as this supports the idea that, the starting point for us BEFORE we
can change any negative thoughts into positive ones, is to simply BREAK the negative thinking FIRST!
I encourage you to take a 10-minute time-out to watch this for immediate ability to ‘break free’ from negative emotional states.

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