Pitstop for Leaders-on-the-Go! ™

Take constructive time out from daily operations to become replenished and skilled to effectively balance tasks, people AND profit WITHOUT hitting burn-out, compromising your values or losing out on life!

Leadership Retreat, Western Cape, South Africa
From 1 to 3 August 2018

Why This Retreat?

RETREAT TO REFILL!  This Pitstop for Leaders-on-the-Go! helps you to retreat from everyday operations to effectively refill - come away skilled, strong and steadfast to lead others with purpose, clarity and sustainable ardour!

You’re most likely here because you are:

  • Challenged by the tremendous pressure that leadership is under, and how being credible in your leadership is at stake more than ever before.
  • Often stuck between a hard place and a rock when you need your team to deliver on targets and objectives against which your own performance is directly measured.
  • Frustrated that you’re not getting the results you desire or the clarity on the direction to take.
  • Skewing your Work/Life Balance - and relationships with your significant others are bearing the brunt of it.
  • Yearning for the luxury of being able to ‘step away from operations’ to clear your head so you can ‘step into creativity, strategic thinking, problem-solving and planning’.
  • Looking to connect with ‘go-to’ people who can equip you and guide you in the execution of your leadership with a tailor-made plan and journey to address your specific needs.
Pitstop for Leaders On The Go!


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Here’s What We Know Is Possible: 

What we know for sure (because we’ve helped others like you do it!) is that you really can …

  • Re-ignite your passion and vigour to successfully lead others by getting re-aligned with your personal vision.
  • Create energy and momentum in your business by obtaining a laser-like focus for attaining desired results.
  • Be a leader who drives sustainability with both competence and inspirational character.
  • Be a leader who instils trust and confidence in others to be the best they can be.

01 – 03 August 2018
Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa

Ignite your leadership with the right tools and strategies, surrounded by like-minded people.

Who Is It For And Why Should You Come? 

This retreat is for the select big-hearted and committed middle- to senior level managers who are ready to learn and grow so they can deal effectively with the challenges of the new “World of Work.”

Whether you are an experienced manager or just starting out in this role and you want clarity on the direction you need to take -we’ve got you covered!

All you need is to entrust yourself with this journey to come away replenished, skilled and strong for sure-footed leadership!

Do you wish to:

  • Re-connect with the passion, purpose and joy you know you should be experiencing in your life?
  • Attain skills, tips and tools from the best that you can immediately start applying and implementing, for a change in your results?
  • Find a safe and neutral platform where you can share your challenges and/or benchmark with other like-minded leaders for stimulus and creativeness?
  • Become a leader who leaves a legacy of joyful brilliance and inspirational success?

The Retreat Location In Stanford, Western Cape

Stanford Valley Guest Farm

Described as one of the “Best Secluded Winter Getaways in the Cape”, Stanford Valley Guest Farm is a perfect fit for the Pitstop for Leaders-on- the- Go! The farm nestles in the valley of the Klein Rivier, 10km outside Stanford village – and is only 142 km from Cape Town International Airport for easy access. Together with its comfortable and fully equipped conferencing facilities, this gem within the Overberg region provides a safe and peaceful haven for delegates to become both replenished and skilled for inspirational and steadfast leadership.

Enjoy contemporary country cooking prepared by the talented Manor House kitchen team at this popular Overberg restaurant. Meals are served against a backdrop of mid-century décor, eclectic art and breath-taking views of the Akkedisberg Mountains.

Pitstop for Leaders On The Go!

Picture perfect is a pretty accurate way to describe it! All the accommodation on the farm is built around a central werf, giving it the feeling of a small village whilst allowing each guest unit the privacy of its own stoep and garden. The cottages, decorated in warm colours, are designed with your utmost comfort in mind. Guests have the freedom of the 440-hectare farm, where they can enjoy a stroll through the fynbos or have a dip in summertime in the large dam on-site - don’t be surprised if you startle a duiker or rhebok on the way! The surrounding reserve can be explored via the various mountain-biking and hiking trails; canoe trips and sunset cruises on the Klein River can be booked. Nearby attractions include the Klein River Cheese Factory, the Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, wine tasting at Raka Winery and whale watching in Hermanus

The restaurant and farm are owner-managed by the lovely couple, Reinder and Elsabe Nauta, and they have injected their own personal warmth and personality into the venue. The high beamed roof, the open face brick wall and beautiful olive-green subway tiles in the kitchen area create something way beyond country charm. The area is warmed by crackling fireplaces and this warmth is carried through in the very personal but unobtrusive service. All of this is set against the backdrop of heavenly aromas wafting through from the kitchen. It’s like something out of a storybook.

Who Are The Facilitators?

Your facilitators and co-hosts are Dr Org Linde and Susan Bezuidenhout.
Get inspired by world-class teaching so you can lead your business and others with well-balanced excellence!

Introducing: Dr ORG LINDE

Georg (Org) Linde started his academic career as a lecturer in Psychology at the University of the Free State in 1968. He became a Senior Lecturer in 1975 and taught at this institution until 1986.

He left the academia in 1987 and join Sanlam Life Insurance Company as a Senior Management Consultant in 1988. In this capacity, he was responsible for senior management training and development and focused mainly on the individual development and coaching of top management. He was transferred to Sanlam’s head office in Cape Town in 1990 and became head of the department of Corporate Training and Development in 1995.

During this time Dr Linde was a guest lecturer in management development at various Universities in South Africa, the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and attended international seminars in Los Angeles, New York, Taiwan and Singapore where he presented papers on management training and development strategies.

Since October 1998, Dr Linde is directing his own enterprise: Linde Learning. This enterprise specializes in Management Development and Mentorship training and development. Org Linde has special interests in leadership development, interpersonal skills, conflict management, self and stress management, assessment of management potential, individual development and coaching programs. He conducts strategic planning work sessions for various enterprises and has a broad knowledge of HR practices. He has a special passion for the development of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

During the last two years he established constructive working relationships with the following organizations: First National Bank (SA & Botswana), Sanlam Holdings, Sanlam Namibia, Metropolitan Life, Various independent Co-operative cellars in the Wine Industry, Local Government (City of Cape Town), South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), PriceWaterhouseCoopers, University of Stellenbosch, University of the Free State, Western Cape Black Opportunities Forum, Provident Professional Society (PPS), ABSA Advisors, Masthead Distribution Services, Media24 & M-net, CIM Group in Mauritius, Rogers Ltd, Mauritius Commercial Bank, University of Mauritius. Org Linde is a registered Clinical Psychologist with the SA Council for the Health Professions and runs a clinical practice focusing on stress and effective self-management, as well as individual executive coaching.


Sue is the owner of Pennydrop Training Solution. She is a business coach accredited by acclaimed international business coach, Carl Brooks, from the Netherlands.

Sue has a BA Degree (major in Economics) from the University of Pretoria, Diplomas in Higher& Remedial Education and an Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Johannesburg.
She views and applies herself as a “life-long learner” as proven by the diverse selection of certificate/diploma courses that she completed over the years with the view to increase the personal value she contributes to the world of work.

She is an accredited Workplace Assessor and Moderator (ETDP SETA and Services SETA.) She has 20+ years corporate experience of which 6 years were spent in a management capacity and has been running her own training consultancy for the last 10 years. Clients of hers over these years include: ABSA, Auditor General, De Beers, Centurion Academy, PSG Konsult, Amayeza Abantu Biomedical, Inhouse Crown Logistics, Boland College, Momentum, cashkows.com, Educor.

In the most recent years, she has been focusing on the development of emotional intelligence, mindfulness, consultative selling skills and executive leadership skills. Sue has a passion for providing leaders with the structure and support to experience joyful living by becoming clear in their direction and taking purpose-aligned action. As a business coach and behavioural skills development specialist, Sue's strongest attribute is to help you integrate knowledge and skills with practice. Her motto – “after all is said and done… let's make it work for you!"

How Is The Training Structured?

We follow a practical and fun-filled approach that is a blend of experiential learning, coaching, discussion, reflection and activities. You will come away with concrete tips, tools and action steps that you can start applying immediately for exemplary leadership.

The three days are structured around three main elements (Me, We, Work) that you as a leader must balance adequately to instil and maintain sustainability in your personal and professional capacity.

Day 1: (ME)

  • Plotting the “i” in your Life – gaining perspective (personally and professionally) on your positioning as a Leader.
  • “ME” as a “CC” – exploring the delicate balance of leader Character and Competence and how it impacts on sustainability.
  • Gaining insight into your own leadership style and interpreting the impact of personal preferences on your professional and personal results.
  • Identifying the extremities that you need to manage and gaps to close to be effective in your leadership.

Day 2: (WORK)

  • Applying focus to some Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and translating your insight into action steps.
  • Gaging the Levels of Leadership and transcribing your ‘personal blend’ for leading others with excellence.
  • Getting the concepts of coaching and mentoring unmuddled and acquiring frameworks for the appropriate use of these.
  • Stepping into creative strategic thinking and problem-solving.
  • Becoming sturdy in driving your vision and reaching your targets.

Day 3 (WE)

  • Knowing how to take TIME to establish and maintain a healthy WORK/LIFE BALANCE for improved personal resilience and resourcefulness.
  • Gaining insight into what drives the behaviours of others to increase your influence and attain results with them.
  • Improving your ability in managing conflict and dealing with difficult conversations.
  • Becoming skilled in setting boundaries to preserve what is important.

The Daily Schedule:

  • 08:00 – 08:45: Breakfast
  • 09:00 – 12:30: Workshop
  • 12:30 – 14:30 Lunch and Free Time
  • 14:30 – 18:00 Workshop
  • 18:00 – 20:00 Dinner
  • 20:00 – 20:30 Day Reflection
  • 20:30 – 22:00 Journaling
  • 22:00 Lights Out

The schedule is subject to change

Bonus: Free Webinar

A post-retreat bonus will be a free webinar on “Difficult Conversations changed to Easy.”

There are certain conversations that leaders often dread and/or want to avoid – these include: the ones in which we must address ‘inappropriate’ behaviour, talk about targets not met, or convey bad news. Anxiety and stress about these conversations often impact on our ability to move forward in our quest to attain results with others.

This concise and impactful bonus webinar provides practical guidelines on how to change “difficult” conversations into “easy” – even when the subject is truly uncomfortable.

Hold On, Read This First!

If you are expecting “overnight results” with “very little effort/work involved”, then, please know that this is not for you.

We do equip you with tools, strategies and personalised action steps that you can start applying immediately, however it involves “digging deep” and doing work. (that being said, we can take loads of time off your learning curve which is a major benefit of the course.)

If you have a negative attitude, please don’t apply for the Pitstop for Leaders-on-the-GoTM.

We prefer to fill up the limited number of spots on the retreat with people who are keen to tap into this opportunity with positive fervour.

Also, if you “know all of this already”, this might not be for you. Our guess is we will be sharing with you in the retreat things you already know AND things you probably don’t do.

Although not a ‘magical wand’, we bring you a unique personal growth- and learning experience where you gain access to our ‘blueprint for exemplary leadership’ within a concise frame of time. Linked up with our post-retreat support, this is a launch pad for you to become the best leader you can be!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it?

Commences at 09h00 Wednesday 01 August and ends 15h00 Friday 03 August 2018

Who is it for?

Any middle- to senior level manager who wants to develop and grow his/her leadership skills to leave a legacy of joyful brilliance and inspirational success.

How big is the group?

Maximum 13 people

What clothing should I bring?

Overall, the Western Cape climate is typically Mediterranean, with warm, dry summers and mild, moist winters and low summer rainfall prevail. Near the coast, summer’s temperature rises from a pleasant low of 15º C to a heart-warming 27º C. Inland temperatures are some 3-5º C higher. Coastal winters see the mercury dropping to a mild 7º C at night and rising to a comfortable 18º C by day.  In general, we recommend that you bring casual clothing, something light for mild exercise/meditation as well as something warm for the cooler parts of the day. Also, for some of the activities, closed, flat and comfortable shoes with strong pants (e.g. denim).

What is the Cost and Return on Investment?

Our world-class, business training is specifically designed to help you to lead others with excellence by becoming successful at balancing task, people and sustainability.

It is an investment for the rest of your life, with your gift to touch and change the lives of those you lead.

The golden rule we share with our students is to first identify which life & business goals you'd love to achieve and the cost of staying on your present path if nothing changes. We do this on a call together, which we set up when you apply. During the call, if it appears that our training and your goals are a good fit, we'll share more details about the retreat and the investment.

Limited Spaces

There are limited spaces on this retreat and they can fill up quickly.

This could be the moment that takes your business to the next level.

Take that dream of yours and make it a reality. Be in the here & now and decide about your future.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime, Pitstop for Leaders-on-the-Go! ™ Western Cape adventure and apply now.

How Will You Lean Into Intentional Leadership?

We believe that you’ve come to this site seeking inspiration and answers. You want to lead a life of joy and significance!

What we know for sure is that the power to change lies within you. Ignite that power by daring to take the step. Apply and invest in yourself. Consider this as your call to refresh and strengthen your spirit to lean into a life of purposeful clarity and action! You owe it to yourself …